Everything you might want to know about cacao ceremonies…

 Why a cacao ceremony ?

In ceremony we come together in circle. Our intentions and prayers are amplified because we are connected. With the guidance of the power of the spirit of cacao and the use of music, dance or any other healing art, we dive deeper into the layers of our heart & soul.

What is cacao ?

Theobroma Cacao (food of the gods) is one of the most mysterious trees on this planet. The seeds (beans) of the cacao fruit contain more then 1200 constituents. Cacao cannot be replicated in the labroratory in a synthetic way.

How was cacao used in  native cultures ?

Cacao (comes from aztec word ‘cacahuatl’ means “bean of the cocoa-tree”) was first grown 4000 years ago by the Olmecs, then the Maya and after them the Aztecs. Cacao has been used by the Maya for ages in all their ceremonies, from birth till death, from initiation to marriage. Priests would often prepare a drank later called “Xocolatl” which basically consisted of cacao, chili, corn and achiote (red colouring). It was a bitter, frothy drink.

The Maya held a yearly festival to honor the cacao god Ek Chuah (logo of Lovechock) , which included several offerings and rituals to him; chocolate beverages, blood, dancing and other gifts such as the sacrifice of cacao-colored dogs and feathers, incense and cacao seeds. The Maya also had medicine based on cacao. As cacao opens the blood vessels it can drive other herbs into the bloodstream more quickly. In the 18th and 19th century chocolate became an industrialised product as known today.

What is the role of cacao nowadays ?

Nowadays the spirit of the cacao is back, to help us with a conscious evolution that happens on the planet right now. In these fast changing times it is inevitable that we come together in peace, in ceremony. We come to find our truth, inner child, inner fire and our original raw self.

Why do we feel so good after eating chocolate/drinking cacao ?

It is full of antioxidants, lovechemicals and minerals like magnesium, iron and copper. Cacao is the only plant source that contains anadamide, a cannabinoid also known as ‘the bliss chemical”. Also cacao contains PEA, which is the neurotransmitter that starts running through your brain when you fall in love. It has a lot of theobromine which is the stimulating part, but it works differently and has less side effects then coffee. The high level of magnesium relaxes the smooth muscles.

It’s main health benefit is the high level of antioxidants that opens the blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and improves the blood flow to the organs.

What are the ingredients of the  Pangaia Cacao Elixir ?

The Pangaia Cacao Elixir has a base of the following organic and vegan ingredients : Cacaopowder from Peru, coconut cream (santen) & coconut sugar from Indonesia, maca, cinnamon, vanilla, chili, pinch of salt and different essential oils. Different plant extracts are added for special purposes. In this ceremony we add Reishi mushroom extract, which balances the stimulating effect of the cacao and works on balancing the mind & heart (chinees=shen). In an average cup elixir there is 15 gram of cacao and in most ceremonies people get 2 cups.The cacao elixir is strictly non-psycho active, but for sure has uplifting effects on the psyche, you are being warned to be feeling goooood !

What kind of effects can I expect ?

Feeling good with more energy, more libido, sometimes even a feeling like ‘in love’. Slight accelerated heart rate and increased heat. This will pass after a while.

Are there any contra indications ?

People with high blood pressure , using blood lowering medicine, drink only half a cup, otherwise the blood pressure becomes too low.

Pregnant women are allowed to have 15 gram of cacao, which is one cup. During the ceremony 2 cups are being served.
Looking forward to celebrate together …

What about the ceremonial use of cannabis ?
Cannabis has been shown in studies to relieve anxiety and counteract depression. It also heigthens the senses and helps to feel relaxed and open in the body.
The cannabis we use is a very balanced hasj extract containing both cbd and thc in an almost equal ratio. Cbd is the non-psycho active part that reduces thc in strength but lengthens its effect in time. The presence of cbd makes this cannabis medicine more grounded in the body. We use it in the form of drops and a vaporizer, in one of the most healthy ways by not creating fumes. We capture the fine essence of the cannabis.

What about the combo of cacao & cannabis ?

It is a dance of cannabinoids. Cacao and cannabis both have cannabinoids and they seem to amplify each other. All together you get that elevated, jazzed-up feeling. Chocolate also contains cannabinoid breakdown inhibitors that allow the cannabis experience to be stronger and prolonged.

Is there a contra-indication for cannabis ?
Use of psychofarmaca like anti-psychotic or anti-depressive medicine.

Oye Pangaia !