The Pangaia Party is a barefoot clubparty, monthly held in Club Lite.  Always a cacao dance ceremony as the preprogram to the danceparty.  Pangaia also delivers cacao dance ceremonies on request to festivals, other parties and private settings. The ceremonies have flavours of shamanism, sometimes theatre, song, contact & tribal dance an other playful elements.

Origin of the name Pangaia ; The name “Pangaea” is derived from Ancient Greek pan (all, entire, whole”) and Gaia (Mother Earth, land”). Pangaea was the last supercontinent to have existed and fell apart 175 million years ago into Laurasia and Gondwana. It was the home of the first dinosaurs and dragonflies.

Pangaia visionary statement :

  • Pangaia aspires to open and connect the hearts of people with cacao and (sometimes ) other plantteachers, music, dance and other shamanic & healing tools.

  • Growing step-by step, building up a strong community of local & international artists,  healing art workers & teachers.  Weaving different traditions, healing arts, cultural rites into a melting pot of inspiring shamanic alchemy.

  • Pangaia is open to work with people from all kinds of cultures, backgrounds and paths of life, resulting in frontier & groundbreaking ceremonies.

  • 10 % of the profit 2016/2017 will go to Amistad Sagrada, a peruvian foundation that preserves the Qechua culture.


Club Lite in Amsterdam

Party chica’s

Dj Martyn Zij

About  5 elements dance activation

5 elements dance activation™ is a shamanic embodied dance journey through the natural elements of ether, water, wind, fire, earth. Each element is touched upon through music, breathwork, shamanic and other playful tools . We balance the 5 elements in ourselves by dancing them in our dancejourney.

5 elements dance activation™ was founded bij Malaika Darville, who combined african- and contact dance with shamanism & ayurveda.


About Laura…

Laura Shanaley Waya, a crazy, singing chocolate maker who simply loves the good things of life, as her limitless passion is to open her own heart and the hearts of people with chocolate, dance, singing, party, laughter, uplifting music, art, sharing, meditation and dance.

Inspired by her spiritual travels travels through Brazil, Ecuador, India, Peru, Bali and Thailand she loves to capture devotional essences from all over the world and blend those colors and spices creatively into her own unique way of ceremony. She hopes to touch the inner child in you with her enthousiasm and zest for life. She had  a self explorative path with several ‘plantwisdom teachers’ for 15 years and she is on her soul’s mission with the spirit of cacao. From this strong connection with cacao, she also founded raw chocolate company Lovechock 7 years ago.

Third Eye Vision

After a not so easy childhood, she decided to abandon my psychology studies at the university and move to India. There she got in touch with vegetarianism, yoga, gurus and she had my first spiritual experience with…..bhang lassi (cannabisdrink).

In 2000 she  discovered Ayahuasca and this changed her life completely. Strong healing kicked in and while she shed lot’s of tears she also felt like coming home, while singing. Soon she started to receive music…

In one remarkable session (still mentioned in David Wolfe’s book Amazing Grace) where she prayed for healing of health problems, she had strong visions of the rainforest and a deep longing to connect with nature. She was inspired by David Wolfe to embrace a raw food diet and she lived in an eco community for a while.

Back in Holland she became a raw food chef and she started my blog & website Lauralevensvuur. In her  little home restaurant she enjoyed the intimacy of small groups. The healing power of good food was what stayed with her.

In 2006 she came in contact with the power of raw cacao as David Wolfe was back in town with the first raw cacao beans and some manuka honey. She was at the birth of the Chocolateclub; the first all-night long-on-raw chocolate high-parties !! Superfoods were new at that time and was trendy only for a small group of crazy early adaptors. It was a fun and awesome time and her heart got conquered strongly by the effect of raw cacao smoothies. She missed that real bite though and as expensive raw chocolate bars had to be ordered from NY, she  started experimenting in my own kitchen.

She decided to go for it and make a living as a chocolatier.In her third eye she saw this chocolate idea exploding into a success and she started to make my own first chocolate bars. That’s how raw chocolate brand Lovechock was born.

 As the company grew very fast and became too much of a big business, with too much business stuff.

To keep her rebel soul spirit she decided to leave the company in 2015 and start something NEW. She combines now my endless chocolate passion with the other, so many, good things in life. Blending cacao with dance music, play, healing and  isn’t that the ultimate thing ??? With Pangaia she is on her path to explore the essence and alchemy of cacao deeply and weaving traditions and cultures together.



laura-rond-2Oyé Pangaia !


Laura Shanaley Waya



I love life !

I sing, I drum…this is freeing.